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I'm Andy.

I currently lead Growth and Marketing at Zone7 -  a software company using artificial intelligence algorithms to enable greater performance data insights among top professional sports teams from Los Angeles to Liverpool FC. 

Outside of work, I have an adorable Fox Red Labrador pup called Kaia, support Spurs, and play cricket (badly). And I (obviously) also write this newsletter!

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My Story

Having started out my career in sports as an Insights Manager at CSM Sport & Entertainment, I spent a lot of time researching and reading industry news. This soon built into a wider interest in both understanding and thinking strategically about what was going on across the sporting landscape.

Inspired by content like The Hustle, JohnWallStreet, and the Are You Not Entertained? podcast, I launched Sports Pundit, my own weekly newsletter.

The result? A huge motivation to continuously learn and stay positively curious.

But more importantly, an incredible community of professionals that share my passion for the business of sport - of which I now call some colleagues, mentors, and friends.

Contact Me

If you would like to connect, I'd love to get to know more about what you're up to.

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