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Get Everyone Talking

Getting insights and news via email is great, but there's so much untapped knowledge in our community. We want to open up the floor and hear from everyone.


It’s all part of moving from mass emails to meaningful, one-on-one conversations.

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How to Join

Want to be part of the group? Great! Kick things off by introducing yourself in the SP Intros channel on WhatsApp.


Just drop your name and a bit about what you're into. Adding your LinkedIn link is a great way to connect, so feel free to share that too. This is your moment to shine, so either sell yourself or make an ask!

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Get Involved

After your intro, dive into our other channels. Join SP Chat to get in on most of our conversations. If you're a female exec, don’t miss out on SP Women, our exclusive group just for women.

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Stay Informed

Not a fan of email? No problem! Hop into our SP News or SP Job Board Channels to catch all our latest updates and job postings right on your phone.

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